(Bias Tires)

1. The products from Oasisland are guaranteed to perform for up to two years with less than 50% wear under normal c ircumstances where air pressure and load meet the International standard.
2. Oasisland will provide excellent service but it is expected that Oasisland’s products when matched with competitor’s products, that the dimensions will be aligned to ensure performance.
3. Oasisland’s products if found defective on delivery will be replaced, either by refund and/or replacement.
4. If Oasisland’s products in normal usage are subject to failure from manufacturing defects then Oasisland will provide replacement and/or refund subject to adherence to Oasisland’s Claim Procedures.


1. Customer to provide digital pictures of the defect that caused the failure ,the serial number and the brand .
2. The serial number is to be cut from the tire and retained for Oasisland’s determination.
3. Customer is to completely fill out the Claim Form that Oasisland will provide.
4. Compensation will be provided by Oasisland based on F.O.B price and according to wear rate as follows.
a. 10% or less tread wear, a 100% refund/replacement will be allowed.
b. For each 10% of wear thereafter, 10% will be deducted from the F.O.B. price
c. Tread wear of more then 50% will not be adjusted.

(Steel Wheel rim)

Oasisland warrants the following products to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of two (2) years from the date of manufacture. This warranty excludes finish.

Wide-Base Wheels
Wide-Base Rims
Off-Road Wheels
Off-Road Rims

This warranty will be void for any of the following reasons:
If the product has been altered without the express written consent from Oasisland.
If the product has been used in a manner inconsistent with current standards and specifications established by the TRA, ETRTO, JATMA and ITTAC.
If the product has been used in a manner inconsistent with the specifications, instructions, and procedures contained in the current wheel and rim manual from the Wheel and Rim Association.
If the product has been handled in a manner that violates the OSHA Regulation Section 1910:177; "Safe Operating Procedures " required by federal law.
If the product has been used with improper tire sizes, inflation pressures, or loads as expressed in our information.
If the product has been damaged as a result of improper tightening procedures, torqued in excess (or deficient) or that torque recommended by spoke wheel or hub manufacturer, or faulty engagement due to use of improper mounting components or procedures.
Oasisland’s obligation under this warranty is limited to replacement of any product that proves to be defective with like-size wheel or rim